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Fine walking tours around Dorf Tirol

Discover the most beautiful walks in the Burggrafenamt region right from outside our hotel. With unspoilt nature and beautiful weather, there is something for enthusiastic walkers of all types!

Dorf Tirol and its surroundings offer tours for every taste and age group, from gentle walks along the popular “Waalwege” (irrigation channels) to demanding ascents of the surrounding peaks.

An interactive walking map with each tour plus full information can be found here: MAP >


Easy: WINE TRAILTourist information office » Hauptstrasse » Schlossweg » Falknerpromenade » Keschtngasse » Gnaidweg » Swimming Pool - Waterpark » Hauptstrasse » tourist information office

From the tourist information office follow Hauptstrasse uphill to the Parish Church (Pfarrkirche). Walk along Schlossweg to “Doss”, then turn left onto the Falknerpromenade. There, after the first sign head downhill into “Fruehlingstal” (Spring Valley) and right via Keschtngasse to Gnaidweg. Follow Gnaidweg past the “Wasserpark” swimming pool and back along Hauptstrasse to your starting point.

AW = Apfelweg (Apple Trail)  WE = Weinweg (Wine Trail)

Detailed hiking trail information
Trail nos.: WE, AW, WE, 8, 6
Distance: 2815 m
Total climb:110 m
Total Descent:110 m
Duration (hours):0 h 50 m
Level of difficulty: Easy


EASY: APPLE TRAILVillage centre » St. Rupert’s Church (Ruprechtskirche) » Gadnerhof » Haus Adang » Seminarstrasse » village centre

Start at the tourist information centre, walk along Aichweg to St. Rupert’s Church – then head left uphill to Lingstrasse, continue uphill to just below the Seminary, then turn right towards the power plant. Continue left uphill to Auer Castle, then to the Kueglerhof. Cross over Haslachstrasse to the Woerndlehof, then bear left down to the Lutzhof and as far as Doss. Take Falknerweg back to your starting point.

Detailed hiking trail information
Trail nos.: Apfelweg, 9, Apfelweg
Distance: 3576 m
Total climb: 174 m
Total Descent: 155 m
Duration (hours): 1 h 5 m
Level of difficulty: Easy

Moderate: HOCHMUTH

Moderate: HOCHMUTHDorf Tirol » Hochmuth » Vellau » Dorf Tirol

From the village centre walk between the school building and the kindergarten uphill until just before you reach the Farmerkreuz (inn). At the Farmerkreuz follow the signposts for the “Muthoefe” steeply uphill to the “Talbauer” (lower Muthof farms at 1172 metres). From there head uphill on trail no. 24 to the Talbauer (inn) and Hochmuth. The “Vellauer Felsenweg” trail descends from the Hochmuth Inn (1350 m). Trail no. 22, which is secured with cables, (only for surefooted walkers who do not suffer from vertigo), leads to Vellau (966 m). Continue further downhill on trail no. 26 through the woods to “Birbamegg” farm. Follow the signposts for route 26 via St. Peter and Tyrol Castle to Dorf Tirol.
Detailed hiking trail information
Trail nos.: WE, 23B, FI, 23A, 24A, 23B, 24, 22, 25, 26, WE
Distance: 11482 m
Total climb: 843 m
Total Descent: 843 m
Duration (hours): 4 h 40 m
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Features: Steps, safety cables

Challenging: OBERKASER ALP

Challenging: OBERKASER ALPDorf Tirol » Hochmuth » Oberkaser » Longfall » Dorf Tirol

Take the bus to the Hochmuth cable car valley station. Take the cable car up the mountain to the Hochmuth (inn). Follow trail no. 22 past Steinegg (inn) to the Mutkopf (inn), 1684 m. Further along, after approx. 40 minutes, turn right onto the “Bockersteig” (22) to the next junction. Then bear left slightly uphill on trail no. 22A (= Jaegersteig (huntsman’s path)), which opens out into trail no. 25 just below the Taufenscharte and leads via the “Pfitscherjoch” to the Pfitscher-Lacke (2126 m) and Kaser-Lacke (2117 m) lakes to the Oberkaser Alp (refuge hut 2131 m). From there take trail no. 6 on the left hand side of the brook down into the valley to the Bocker Hut (1717 m). Here take the bridge over the Spronserbach brook and walk past the “Spronser Gaden” (= small alpine huts) on the brook’s right hand side and downhill to the “Kuegler Alp”, then continue along trail no. 6 down the valley to the Tiroler Kreuz (inn). From there return to Dorf Tirol either on foot or by bus.

Detailed hiking trail information
Trail nos.: 22, 6, 22B, 6
Distance: 14482 m
Total climb: 846 m
Total Descent: 1406 m
Duration (hours): 5 h 20 m
Level of difficulty: Challenging
Features: Steps
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